An additional citizenship offers the individual persons the opportunity of being citizens of more than one country. This indicates that the individual person can benefit in various ways from the system of each country as well as from their financial and economical alliances. 

Currently, there are specific legal processes, which an individual may follow in order to acquire the privilege of an additional citizenship and receive a variety of advantages, such as:

  • As a citizen of two countries you have the right to possess passports from both countries. This means that you can instantly travel between the specific countries as well as toward the countries they have already formed a mobility agreement alliance with. In addition, the individual owners do not have the obligation to acquire a long–stay visas neither are asked about the purpose of their visit to each country. 
  • Being a citizen of two (2) countries means that you have full rights as any local citizen that was born in those countries. You have access to the educational system, the right to vote, to operate a business, hold bank accounts, own property etc. 

In summary, with the Visa Free Regime through additional citizenship, the individual owners have the benefit of instantly travelling between the countries, have the right to live and work freely as well as a own property.

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