Lifetime Citizenship provides individuals with the ultimate right of choice, since with the acquisition of dual citizenship individuals can determine their own future and lifestyle.   

The financial globalization of our era is now providing individuals the legitimate right to acquire citizenship or permanent residency through investment schemes of various jurisdictions.

The investors of a Lifetime citizenship enjoy instantly the following privileges:
•    Mobility for them and their families
•    Less travelling restrictions and official procedures 
•    Flexibility in tax restructuring and transfer of funds
•    Acquisition of full residences rights (treated as local individuals) 

Entrepreneurs have already begun considering economic citizenship, as an additional and very valuable intangible asset for their investment portfolio, as the acquisition of a dual citizenship offers them an immediate return in respect to investment opportunities, financial freedom and security. 

It is noteworthy to note that economic Citizenship is currently considered to be one of the most profitable assets with an immediate return, since entrepreneurs receive the second passport with an instant use. Thus, dual citizenship is automatically accompanied by all the privileges of the selected jurisdiction.

Hence, it is considered to be a personal asset that can be transferred to the next generation.

As far as it concerns a high net worth individual (HNWI), the selection of a Citizenship by Investment Schemes is quite important since with the acquisition he may achieve high capital appreciation and return on investment (ROI).

Investment Citizenship is actually a lifetime investment toward you, your family and your overall quality of life.

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