The European Union Passport is the most privileged passport in the world since through its uniqueness it offers access to all European Union members states to its holders i.e. free mobility between the member states, trade without barriers and tariffs, access to European educational systems, freedom to work, live or own a property in all European countries.  

According to the Article 9 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) that defines the EU Citizenship, “Every person holding the nationality of a Member State is a citizen of the Union. Nationality is defined according to the national laws of that State. Citizenship of the Union is complementary to, but does not replace, national citizenship”.

Therefore, the holder of an EU Passport is being considered a very privileged individual since he can instantly benefit for:

  • Safety – European countries offer safety and stability to the holder. For some nations whose political situation is unstable, having an additional European country passport provides the individual owner and his family with safety and stability. 
  • It is renowned that having an additional passport is a valuable asset. This notion is being strengthened even more if the additional passport is from an EU member state because it directly provides the owner with access to all European member states. 
  • The holders of a European passport are able to work or live in any EU member country they prefer. 
  • Owners of the European passport may select to operate or re-domicile their business activities to any of the EU member states that have lower corporate and taxation scheme. Therefore, by taking advantage of the business mobility the holder may manage funds and opportunities in a more productive and beneficial way, by optimizing the process of portfolio management. 
  • European citizens have the legitimate right to have access to educational programs and institutes, health care, unemployment programs as well as pension plans in all the European Union countries they may decide to reside in.   


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