The Nature Isle of the Caribbean


Citizenship by Investment Program

Estimated Time 2-3 months
Passport Fees USD $188 per person
Residence Requirements None
Visa - Free Regime 95 countries, incl. EU Schengen Zone, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong & Ireland etc.
Interview No
Nationalities Control Accepts all Nationalities
Passport Validity 10 years (adult) | 5 years (child)
Taxes No taxes for non residents
Due Diligence Fees US$4.000: main applicant
US$4.000: spouse
US$4.000 per person above 16 
Governhmet/ Processing / Application Fees

Government Fees*
US$50.000: main applicant
US$25.000: main applicant & spouse
US$20.000 per child under 18
US$50.000 each qualified adult dependant above the age of 18 – 25 other than spouse.
* apply only in pre–approved Real Estate projects

Processing Fees:
US$1.000 per applicant
USD $250 Citizenship Certificate (per person)

Local Fees* US $ 8.000

*subject to increase according to family members.  This applies to all local fees.


Real Estate Option

Investment in Property

Minimum Investmet of US$220.000 for a fraction (US$2.500 processing of ownership)


US$360.000   for full title on a pre–approved real estate project. 
(Payable 10.95% of the investment/ purchase price + surveyors fee of US$1.500)  
Holding Period: 3 Years


Donation Option

Official Entity Non-refundable contribution to the Government Fund
Contribution US$ 100.000  Main Applicant
US$ 175.000 (applicant  + spouse)
US$ 200.000 (applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18)
US$ 175.000 (one parent and up to three (3) children under 18)
US$ 25.000 per additional child after the second (2) dependant under 18

Legal fees:  Subject to discussion. Please contact us in order to further advice in connection to the various options and decide the most beneficial alternative for your investment.

* Please note that the Government of the jurisdiction has the right to alter or change any of the above mentioned procedures, criteria or fees since all are granted under their sole discretion without prior notice.


The Nature Isle of the Caribbean


Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea and one of the larger islands in the Lesser Antilles.


It is located south-southeast of Guadalupe and northwest of Martinique. The almost untouched natural beauty of the island is one of its most precious attributes for which reason it has been nicknamed as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. Tropical forests, rivers and waterfalls are a true attraction. The vast majority of Dominica’s inhabitants reside on the west coast, in the island's capital, Roseau, and in Portsmouth.

A former British colony, the country became independent in 1978. The official language is English, and the legal system is Common Law.

Dominica is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations, the trading Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. The national currency is the East Caribbean Dollar, which is pegged to the US Dollar.

Economy: The Dominican economy heavily relies on tourism and agriculture for revenue. Inserted as part of the efforts to promote growth in the local economy, the government implemented the Dominica Economic Citizenship program, which much like others in the Caribbean nations offers citizenship to individuals and their families, subject to an investment made on the island, under certain statutory conditions.

Dominica has the only program in the Caribbean which regards a non-studing and unmarried daughter of the main applicant who is under twenty-five years of age and is living with and is fully supported by the main applicant, as a dependant. Other Caribbean programs require the female dependants who are over 18 to be students, so as to qualify as dependants.

Enacted by law in 1993, the Dominica program is the most affordable legal citizenship-by-investment program of all, and it is driven by the objective of stimulating domestic economic growth. Centrally run by the Citizenship by Investment Unit and after 20 years of experience, the program has established itself as a reliable option in the global community.


Advantages of Citizenship by Investment Program:


  • Dual citizenship privilege
  • No permanent residency requirement 
  • Estimated time 2 – 3 months
  • Visa – free  regime for 95 countries, including the EU (Schengen zone), United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland.
  • Inclusion of  dependent children under 25 or unmarried dependent daughters under 25 years of age
  • No requirement to reside in Dominica before or after the citizenship is granted
  • Right to live and work in Dominica
  • Non taxes for non-residents



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