The country of 365 beaches

Antigua & Barbuda

Citizenship by Investment Program

Estimated Time 2-3 months
Passport Fees US$300 per person
Residence Requirements 5 days in 5 years
Visa Free Regime More than 130 countries incl. Canada EU, Schengen Zone, UK & Ireland etc.
Interview No
Nationalities Control Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen (exc. residents in UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE more than 10 years)
Passport Validity 5 years
Taxes No foreign income, inheritance tax, gift or capital gains tax.
Due Diligence Fees US$7.500: main applicant
US$7.500: spouse of the applicant
US$2.000: each dependant ages 12 – 17 
US$4.000: each unmarried dependant 18 – 25
US$4.000: each elderly dependant parent of the main applicant above 65
Government Fees

US$50.000: main applicant
US$50.000: spouse of the main applicant
US$25.000: each dependant under 17
US$50.000: each dependant 18 – 25
US$50.000: each elderly dependant of the main applicant above the age of 65 

Government Processing Fees NDF
US$ 25.000: Family up to 4 persons with incremental payments of US $15.000 for each additional dependant

Government Processing Fees for Real Estate / Business Investment Option
US $50.000: Family up to 4 persons with incremental payments of US$15.000 for each additional dependant

Local Fees* US$15.000

* Subject to increase according to family members.  This applies to all local fees.


Real Estate Option

Investment in Property

Minimum Investment of US$400.000 on Real Estate government approved projects
Holding Period: 5 Years


Investment of US$1.5 million in a local pre - approved business


Joint investment US$5 million in a local pre approved business with individual investment contribution at least US$400.000


Donation Option

Official Entity Contribution to The National Development Fund (NDF)  

US$100.000 Main applicant (NEW)

Family of 4 or less US$100.000 (NEW)

Family of 5 or more US$125.000 (NEW)



The country of 365 beaches

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean. This archipelagic, twin-island nation is located approximately 250 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. They are the most central of the Leeward Islands chain.

The natural beauty inherent to the islands’ turquoise waters makes it a very sought-after touristic destination, and a prominent hub in the region. The country’s coastline displays exuberant crystalline waters with sandy shores, which has made it known as "the country of 365 beaches".

Having formed part of the British Dominion, Antigua and Barbuda became independent in 1981 inheriting not only the English language, but also the Common Law as legal system.

The main sources of income of the country’s service-based economy are the tourism industry and the financial sector.

As a member country of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, CARICOM and the Organization of American States (OAS) among other international organizations, Antigua and Barbuda have a prominent international and regional presence, and are fully integrated with the efforts to boost local economies, through improved services.

Advantages of Citizenship by Investment Scheme:

  • Dual citizenship privilege
  • No permanent residency requirement 
  • Estimated time 3 – 5 months
  • Visa–free  regime with Canada and more than 130 countries  including  EU Schengen Zone, United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Inclusion of  dependent children under 25 years of age or grandparents over 65 years old
  • Small residency requirements (5 days in 5 years)
  • No interview requirement
  • No obligation to travel during the application process 
  • Right to live in Antigua & Barbuda and in other Caribbean Community States
  • No foreign income, inheritance tax, gift or capital gains tax

 Legal Fees: Subject to discussion. Please contact us in order to further advice in connection to the various options and decide the most beneficial alternative for your investment.

*Please note that the Government of the jurisdiction has the right to alter or change any of the above mentioned procedures, criteria or fees since they are all granted under their sole discretion without prior notice.



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