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The Citizenship by Investment program is a significant and highly discussed topic nowadays. Investors from around the world wish to obtain additional citizenship, as they consider it as a realistic intangible asset they can own and transfer over to their families for generations to come.

With certainty, some programs may not carry on forever and have a deadline. For that reason any investor that wishes to obtain such an additional Citizenship should operate in a fast and smart manner.

The approach for dual citizenship, even though it had tentatively begun around 2006, nowadays thrives since many governments have enhanced this approach by making their “Citizenship investment product” intentionally attractive enough, aiming at the increase of investors' capital inflow, to their countries.  

Currently, with this strategy new opportunities rise for investors and entrepreneurs, since they have the legal right to obtain a second passport.  The great philosophy behind such immigration investment schemes is that individuals can benefit in various ways by obtaining additional citizenship via investment. Firstly, they will obtain a new and additional passport for themselves and their families. Secondly, they will instantly acquire a visa free regime for a number of countries.  Thirdly, they will obtain the right to live, work or make business in the second country, since instantly with the additional citizenship they gain the same rights as a local individual.

Some of the predominant characteristics that constitute a high-quality “Citizenship by investment product” are: mobility offered by the passport, reputation of the country in respect to safety, lifestyle, culture, geographical position, health providence, legal environment, corporate law etc. as well as the investment opportunities an individual may obtain on a corporate level.  In addition, other parameters that should be taken under consideration are: the taxation system, the political situation, the quality of life, the privilege of safeguarding their anonymity rights and the economic growth of the selected country.      


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