One World

Beyond Border Barriers

By definition the word Globalization entails an open market driven economy that operates in one world with free transfer of funds, goods and services beyond national boarders' barriers.  

An investor may moderately obtain the international globalization freedom, through the acquisition of an additional citizenship, since he will consequentially become a citizen of a second country or even a third one country with all the privileges of a native individual.   

Investors can materialize efficiently and extensively the citizenship opportunities the countries are offering, through their Citizenship by Investment programs.  At this point it is noteworthy to mention that in order to achieve this, it is wiser to appoint Migration Citizen as a partner, who, via its expertise and knowledge can advise them on the full spectrum of the immigration legal services by providing not only the available options that will meet their requirement but the correct due diligence that needs to be followed, as well.  

Moreover, as a professional immigration services provider, we recommend to entrepreneurs to start considering economic citizenship as an additional and very valuable intangible asset in their portfolio.  The acquisition of a dual citizenship will offer them an immediate return in respect to investment opportunities, instant mobility for them and their family, visa free travel regime in many countries (depends on the second selected jurisdiction), financial freedom, security, stability etc.  

Through our extensive experience in immigration services in connection to corporate, financial and investment sector, we acknowledge that traditional investment portfolio consists mainly of securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc., whereas a pioneer investment portfolio recognizes the need of having a strong additional passport for safety, stability, mobility and financial freedom.

Currently, economic Citizenship is considered to be one of the most profitable assets with an immediate return, since entrepreneurs receive the second passport with an instant use. Thus, dual citizenship is automatically accompanied by all the privileges of the selected jurisdiction. Hence, it is considered to be a personal asset that can be transferred to the next generation.

Entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals (HNWI), by acquiring lifetime economic citizenships literally, are buying a moderately unlimited ticket towards the freedom that globalization offers.


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